What’s your Estate Score?

The greatest misconception is that you need to be rich to have an estate or financial plan. Wrong

The SideDrawer Estate Score is a simple formula that calculates your estate and financial preparedness. 

The well known credit scores determine how good is your credit today. 

Our Estate Score guides you to how well you’re prepared for tomorrow! 

Download the iOS app, spend 60 seconds to answer some very simple questions to get your own score today! 

How do we calculate the score?

The Estate Score is out of 1,500. It is compromised of 3 components that are 500 points each. :

  • Family - what are your family circumstances 
  • Financial - what are your financial circumstances 
  • SideDrawer records - how organized you are currently. 

What are the Professional’s Questions?

Our SideDrawerPro platform connects individuals with their professional service providers. Some professionals have their own discovery or onboarding questions for clients. We provide the ability for the professional to craft their questions in a simple to answer format, rather a paper form which you may not complete. 

The SideDrawer Estate Score is not an industry standard metric. It is a proprietary score that is intended to serve as a guide to help individuals plan for their estate. SideDrawer does not do any planning - we aim to connect you with the Professionals who can help individuals with their estate and financial plans. 

*Android update coming soon

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