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Employee Benefits Consultants 

If you’re consulting companies on improving their employee engagement, consider offering a tool that actually helps each and every employee, and their family. 

We can work with you on scale deployment, or customization relevant to your employee base and corporate offering. 



Insurance Providers

You have provided your client with an essential need to safeguard their family. 

Consider offering a complementary tool that helps their family ensure that any unforeseen event is not burdened with additional troubles from identifying and locating necessary estate related items. 

We can work with you on customization relevant to your product offering, branding and additional customer offering.



Wealth Management Firm

Given concerns are fee pressure, shift to mobile and a younger client base - how well are your Advisors, Planners and Sales connected to your investor client? 

In addition to the SideDrawer app, we offer SideDrawerPro, which allows you to have a holistic view of your clients’ estate. Click here to visit SideDrawerPro and create a FREE trial account.



Estate Lawyers 

Your time is money, and you only have so much time in a day. Each new client brings with it hours of client discovery work. 

Our SideDrawer app is designed with simplicity in mind, so your clients will find it very easy to use and populate - making your job easier, and you more productive. 

Our SideDrawerPro offering allows you to quickly and easily capture key information and fast-track through the client discovery process. 

For larger law firms, we can customize features of the app to match your specific client discovery requirements. 

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