What is SideDrawer?

SideDrawer is a mobile phone app designed to reduce the barriers in organizing your estate. The app is designed specifically for iOS and Android to take advantage of your phone’s unique features to significantly reduce entry time and use the camera to capture your estate.

How is SideDrawer different than other estate or end-of-life planning software providers?

SideDrawer’s objective is democratize estate planning and ensure that families have a more smooth transition after an unfortunate (but inevitable) event. We believe easy to update, camera-based, and fast entry will reduce the hurdle and allow anyone who wants to help their family or others with their affairs, have a very easy approach to make that happen.

Does SideDrawer’s Comprehensive or Individual Record Report replace my Will?

No. SideDrawer’s Comprehensive or Individual Record Reports will not replace your Will. The SideDrawer Reports can be used by your Executor and/or Trustee to ensure that all the assets you wanted to be distributed according to your Will, actually happen.

What if my Will is dated and my SideDrawer Reports have new or updated assets?

Again, your Will is your legal document. You can use SideDrawer to find an Estate Lawyer that can update your Will to reflect your current estate situation. (This feature is coming soon!)

What is a Designate?

A Designate in SideDrawer is a trusted family member, friend, colleague, associate who you want to keep informed of the whereabouts of the individual asset/record you’re associating them to.

Is a Designate my Executor or Trustee?

No, the Executor or Trustee is a specific definition of a role defined by law. A Designate is term specific to SideDrawer only.

Can I send a Record to any Designate?

You can only send Reports to Designates after they have Accepted your request for them to be a Designate. Until they accept their role as a Designate, you will only be able to send that Report to yourself.

What is a Designate’s role?

A Designate’s role is to be aware that you have entrusted them with information about an asset or estate record that is relevant to them. Once they Accept their role, there is nothing for them to do, until there is an event that requires them to access that record. At that point, they will have to contact SideDrawer Admin (via email to [email protected]) and provide a Death Certificate which we will verify, and then release the information about the record(s) that was associated with that Designate.

Does SideDrawer have access to my photos and documents that I store in the app?

No. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details. But in a nutshell – your document and photos are encrypted. We don’t have the ability to see this information.

What compliance and standards policies does SideDrawer follow?

SideDrawer is designed to be compliant with PIPEDA (Canada), HIPAA (US) and GDPR (Europe) standards for handling of personal data and other privacy considerations.

What security policies has SideDrawer implemented?

We have a two key approaches to cybersecurity – Infrastructure and Layered. Infrastructure is implemented through Amazon Web Services, utilizing industry best practices for cybersecurity policies which are governed under confidentiality, integrity and availability. Our Layered approach means we have protocols for Infrastructure security, Application security, and Data Security. We are also using third party leading providers for additional security protocols. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details.

If I don’t get a Report – how does my family or Executor or Trustee get the information from my phone?

SideDrawer is cloud-based so everything is on AWS cloud. Your Designates can contact us at [email protected] and we can help them out. If you did not purchase a report, and are not on our subscription plan, there may be a fee associated with releasing the information.

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